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This is the Hebraic month of Cheshvan.
Cheshvan is the eigth month and signifies eternal revelation and new beginnings. The flood actually began in Cheshvan, and ended the following year on Cheshvan. This is the only month that has no holidays and Jews believe that this month is "reserved" for the time of Messiah. This is a time for digesting what you have heard. (read more)

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Our Houses of Zion meet for the purposes of fellowship, worship, training and ministry. When you join a House of Zion, you come into a relationship with others to pray for you, encourage you and minister to you in the Lord. (Find one in your area)

Go With the Momentum - October 30, 2014
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Upcoming Key Gathering at The Global Spheres Center:
November 23, 2014 - (AM) Firstfruits Celebration for Kislev

Latest Letter from Chuck:
HISPANIC CONVERGENCE: Gathering and Aligning for a Glory Explosion!

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Garden Update - Cheshvan First Fruits

Hello all!

I wanted to share with you this first fruits video for the month of Cheshvan. I had meant to share this last week, but I had some computer problems and wasn’t able to get it edited right away. This worked out perfectly, however, to post it this week as a first fruits for the month! The dew all over everything really illustrated what God is saying about the month and the new anointing, and I encourage you to watch and soak in your new anointing that He is raining down on you. Be refreshed and rejoice in His ever-refreshing Spirit, and thank Him for never allowing us to become stagnant or stale! We change with every new season, just as creation does – this is a time to let the dead things wash away and claim the new things that He has for you.

Be blessed!