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This is Chuck on set with Vanessa Frank, who directed him in the feature film “Let The Lion Roar”. To learn more and to pre-order the movie, go here.


This is the Hebraic month of Elul.
Elul is the month that the King is in the field. Approach Him and allow His countenance to shine on you. This also the month to fix what has been broken and a month to find your place in the company of the Lord. (read more)

Connect with a House of Zion!.
Our Houses of Zion meet for the purposes of fellowship, worship, training and ministry. When you join a House of Zion, you come into a relationship with others to pray for you, encourage you and minister to you in the Lord. (Find one in your area)

Sound On the East Wind - September 16, 2014
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Upcoming Key Gathering at The Global Spheres Center:
October 25, 2014 - (PM) Firstfruits Celebration for Cheshvan

Latest Letter from Chuck:
Yom T'ruah in the Garden Tomorrow Night at 6 PM!

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This Week's Message

Piercing the Darkness
Chuck, Pam, and Keith Pierce share various aspects of what they see God saying to the Body of Christ. Be anointed to move forward and overcome the enemy that would prevent you from coming through the narrow place this month.

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Garden Update - Snow Geese Whirlwind

Hello again!

Here is the video of the snow geese migrating over the garden this morning. Thank God for the whirlwind!

- Tracey